Reasons why we love Knysna
Beautiful Knysna Villas

February is all about love and there’s nothing we love more than beautiful Knysna where we are lucky to live. We feel so privileged to be able to share our home here in the Garden Route with visitors from around the world who come to stay at our various villas and the exquisite Alkira Lodge

There are a million reasons to love Knysna, but here are just five of our favourites: 

1. The vast lagoon and all the boating opportunities


Knysna is synonymous with the vast lagoon that surrounds the town and stretches all the way to the Knysna Heads. It provides the perfect backdrop to many a Knysna selfie and offers a myriad of boating opportunities. From swimming and sand castles to kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding around the sheltered waters of Thesen Islands or sailing cruises at sunset, or adventurous speed boat trips through the Heads to look out for whales and dolphins, there are so many reasons to love the lagoon.

2. Knysna’s amazing restaurants


Quaint pizza spots with hands-on owners, fresh seafood eateries and artisanal bakeries make Knysna a great stop for those who like food! Here the focus is often on farm-fresh produce that is sourced at local markets, fished from the sea, or even home-grown or baked at the restaurants themselves. These delicious dishes can be paired with handcrafted beers or gins from the area or paired with some of the best coffee from around Africa. Discover the ten best restaurants in Knysna on our blog here.

3. Our beautiful forests and rivers


Knysna is the ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and escape into a world of lush, green forests and babbling brooks where time seems to standstill. While that vast lagoon frames Knysna on the one side, kilometres of indigenous forest, rivers and waterfalls can be found on the other, offering a peaceful, natural escape that few places in the world boast. You can learn more about the forests of Knysna on our blog here

4. The endless cycling and hiking trails just waiting to be explored

©Garry Coetzee

The Garden Route and Knysna specifically are known for their huge network of hiking and cycling trails. Whether you’re a die-hard mountain biker with a penchant for single tracks, or a beginner who prefers an e-bike, there is a cycling trail to suit. Those who prefer to explore on two legs rather than two wheels will find a selection of trails to suit expert trail runners, fit hikers, or even young families. Discover some of our favourite hiking trails in the Garden Route here. 

5. Our talented craftspeople and the unique products they create

©Mosaic Village & Outdoor Market

The Garden Route offers many weekend craft markets or artisanal shops where local carvers, painters, sculptures, and metalworkers display their talents. From uniquely crafted furniture to art and even clothing, there are so many unique products to be found in the area around Knysna. Discover these original crafts at one of our top markets in and around Knysna here.

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